Our vision is to end poverty and exclusion for Big Issue vendors and our mission is to connect vendors to the vital support and personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and determine their own pathways to a better future.

We understand that buying and selling The Big Issue magazine is the crucial first step on a vendor’s journey back into mainstream society. From managing magazine stock to building up a regular customer base, vendors quickly learn the essential skills needed to build a successful micro-business. Newly achieved financial stability in turn better equips vendors to address the issues that have previously held them back.

Service Brokerage is our core work. We train our frontline workers - Service Brokers - to accurately identify the health, housing, employment and other support needs of a Big Issue vendor and provide expert information, advice and guidance best able to address these needs. Your gifts will create real personal change by funding our network of Service Brokers to support Big Issue vendors in many ways.

Your steps could enable:

  • £7 could fund a return ticket to enable a vendor to attend a health assessment at hospital
  • £10 provides an hour of one to one support to enable Big Issue vendors to access housing, finance, health and wellbeing services
  • £25 could help a Big Issue vendor keep their dog healthy
  • £50 could buy a Big Issue vendor a new suit and shoes for a job interview
  • £100 could pay for a starter pack for a new home, with basic furniture and equipment

You can find out more about The Big Issue Foundation here.